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Metal Ceiling

A ceiling provides protection from the elements, giving bonuses to hypo and hyperthermic insulation. The Metal Ceiling is the final unlockable ceiling.

A Metal Ceiling require placement on a wall, piller, foundation or another ceiling.

Once the first Metal Ceiling is placed, subsequent Metal Ceilings can snap into place along the first one, allowing them to line up, provided that there is adequate room to do so.

A ceiling requires support from a nearby foundation or pillar in order to be placed. The ceiling can only be placed up to 2 ceilings away in any direction on the x or y-axis, and up to 1 ceiling away diagonally from a wall or another ceiling that is directly above a connected foundation or pillar. The ceilings on the far ends of this setup will not be able to support walls.

We as Dexune are among the Best Metal Ceiling Manufacturers in India.

Clip in Metal Ceiling

DEXUNE OREO CLIP-IN-CEILING (Plain and Perforated) The clip in system is probably the most widely used metal tile ceiling system. The tiles, manufactured to fine press tool tolerance are clipped into a concealed tee bar grid.

Lay in Metal Ceiling

The term lay-in refers to tiles that have minimal tile face coverage by the supporting exposed grid as distinct from lay-on tiles where the face of the tile is fully visible.

Plank Metal Ceiling

Dexune Panels interlock tightly together and are virtually impossible to remove. Panels are painted white and may be perforated for acoustical perfor mance when an acoustical batt is installed above.

Open Cell Ceiling

Dexune provide a most effective designs in Open cell ceilings system.

Baffle Ceiling

DEXUNE provides a most effective design in Baffle Ceiling