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RAL 9003 Pure White, RAL 9010 Cream White
RAL 9016 White, RAL 9007 White- Aluminium, RAL 9007 Grey Aluminium
Powder coated tile
Coil coated tile
Where do I use it?
High traffic areas and requiring was –
• Transportation
• Healthcare
• Kitchens and Restrooms
• Retail

DEXUNE OREO CLIP-IN-CEILING (Plain and Perforated) The clip in system is probably the most widely used metal tile ceiling system. The tiles,  manufactured to fine press tool tolerance are clipped into a concealed tee bar grid. Tiles are automatically leveled in the grid by special “Pip & stop “ registers, which are pressed into the side flanges of the tiles during manufacture. Panel shall measure (2 x 2, 2 x 4) or custom size (__x__) with square edge detail, with 90-degree upturned legs, and formed to allow-inser tion of leaf springs in horizontal legs with pre-punched holes and clips in pre-punched slots and vertical legs, on opposing sides for securing panels to and concealing sus pension grid.

Quality Manufactures of GI Metal Ceiling Tiles Conforming to Govt. Of India ,  CPWD, DSR 2016:
1. GI Metal Ceiling Clip In Plain conforming to DSR2016 Item No : 12.54.1
2. GI Metal Ceiling Clip
In Perforated conforming to DSR2016 Item No : 12.54.2