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Wood Wool is now a leader in the eco-friendly, highperformance, cost-effective acoustical-panel products category. Dexune performs well by absorbing sound while thermally insulating; ecologically, acoustic wool is simple to produce; and panels are available in many size and color variations that can be designed to fit nearly any décor. These eco-friendly cementitious wood-fiber panels not only liven up a room with design variety, but acoustic wool panels also reduce echo and reverberation through sound absorption. Wood-fiber panels can transform the aesthetics and acoustics of any interior space.

Features & Benefits

High quality wood wool:
Consistent finish & color
Consistent thickness (+/-.005″) & dimensions
Clean corners
Square panels
Less dust than competition
Cost-effective – lower cost than other solutions
Class A Fire Rated
Manufactured from 3 simple ingredients: wood fiber, cement, & water
Versatile – ceiling or wall mount as a surface finish Paintable, with wide range of SonoKote™ colors An effective sound absorber


Schools and civic centers (gymnasiums, classrooms,
auditoriums, music practice and band rooms), restaurants
and bars, sports and entertainment venues, convention
centers, houses of worship, shooting ranges, manufacturing
and industrial facilities, parking garages, airports, and more.