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Stretch Ceiling Systems are decorative membranes that can be used in nearly any application. The membranes are most common for creating ceiling applications, but may also be used to create wall applications, ceiling and wall murals, suspended 3-D panels, or freestanding features. They can be given virtually any shape. The membrane is made with a special polyvinyl chloride base that is guaranteed to be cadmium-free. Stretch Ceiling Systems allow
the user to achieve attractive and modern designs within a short period of time while avoiding the mess typically associated with ceiling construction. The assembly process takes place by stretching the ceiling membrane across an aluminum structure that has been fastened to the wall or frame at any desired height. Stretch Ceiling Systems are the only system that can be fastened directly to the walls and do not constitute additional load to the ceiling structure.

Stretch Ceiling Systems fulfill several distinctive functions:
• Lower interior areas that are too high.
• Cover defects of old ceilings and hide any installations placed above the ceiling.
• Offer protection to the area below from damage caused by water leakage.
• Provide long lasting ceiling solutions and structure protection for areas with high humidity.
• An attractive decorative finish and deliver perfection that cannot be achieved with traditional sheetrock, paints, or suspended ceiling tiles.
• Translucent membrane finish can cover entire ceiling and, when backlit, can offer beautifully diffused lighting.
• Enhance the acoustical properties of any room.



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