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Fabric Acoustical Panel

Acoustic wall panels feature control noise improvement. They are sound proofing with other several benefits. Creating a very nice environment quality with acoustical wall panels is simple. Home theater, office and even your own home interiors can have the wall panels. This is meant not only for privacy but also highly decorative to your home background. One of most popular manufacturers is Armstrong. Yes, you can find a wide option of acoustic panels for your walls at reasonable price.
Acoustic wall paneling ideas are made of fabric, leather, wood, foam and other  materials. Fabric wrapped is one awesome option that favored because of many things. Colorful, light weight, affordable, easy to install and maintain make fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels are popular. Do it yourself  installation for some  customization ideas will be just nice. Yes, you can pour personal taste into your room decorating style significantly.


Dexune surface mount impaler are designed to provide the installer with simple, quick and effective method of mounting. Dexune fiber glass acoustic panels into walls without causing serious surface defacement. The surface mount impaler feature a series of sharp protruding darts that penetrate the
panel to secure it in place during installation. To ensure panels do not get dislodged after installation. To ensure panels do not get dislodges after installation applying on construction adhesive to the impaler darts during the mounting process adds a level of security and reduce opportunity for tampering.

Flush mount impaler clips should be locked approximately 4inches(102mm) or more from the panel edges.

Place top edge on set line. Carefully swing bottom edge to meet impaler heads. With the panel resting on the impaler darts, apply in towards wall & download pressure.