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Laminated Gypsum Ceiling

Dexune Laminated PVC Gypsum tiles are made of incombustible gypsum board, PVC facing as well as aluminum foil backing. It is ideal indoor decorative minerals especially used in areas requiring clean, dust free environment. The aluminum foil backing has thermal insulation properties while the PVC facing provide you various choices with different designs like DEW DROPS, GRNUALAR, STAR MIRAJ & REGAL.

Dexune gypsum ceiling tiles are square-cut and can be easily installed with suspension t-bars system for interior ceiling. They are widely used in all commercial and instituitional buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants and shops.

1) Easy to clean
2) Vinyl finish of panel
3) Seals out moisture, bacteria, dirt and odors.
1) Contemporary designs and patterns To suit your ambiance.
2) High light reflection range =75%.
3) Moisture resistance excellent performance in humid conditions.
4) Good acoustic properties reduce noise In large areas.
5) Easy to clean hard ashable surface that resists stains and abuse.
6) Dexune Laminated PVC Easy to install in T-Grid system.