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Wooden Grooved Acoustical Panel

DEXUNE Wooden Grooved acoustic panel is one of the most advanced and efficient absorption products available products today for reducing reverberant sound levels in many environments, such as gymnasiums, hotels, exhibitions center, schools, studios, reception areas, offices etc. based on acoustic theories and manufacture by advanced equipment and technology. Its ingenious design and all kinds of decorative surfaces, these acoustic panell are not only easy to install, but also visually attractive.

DEXUNE in wooden acoustic is made of a series longitudinal slates and grooves .Each panel has a machine tongue down one long edge and a machine
grove down the other long edge. Each end is square edged. Four standard patterns of Dexune grooved acoustic panel are available: 13-3, 14-2.28-4,59-5, which are named by the width of the slates and groove. 

For example, version 13-3 has slots machined at every 16mm resulting in each slate being 13mm wide each groove being 3mm wide.